Snow Day

It’s that time of year again, the days are short, the nights are cold and Winter is here to stay… at least for a little while. For many families that will inevitably include the both dreaded and anticipated: SNOW DAY! If your family finds themselves stuck in doors surround by the white stuff this year it is important to be prepared. Hopefully by now you know how to plan for inclement weather and what to do incase of a weather emergency, if not here is a great reference sheet from the American Red Cross. But today we are concerned with another type of disaster preparedness plan, what to do with your family when you’re cooped up together for hours, maybe days, on end? Below you will find some ideas to keep everyone busy, from your littlest on up to yourself (yes, even you get bored!).


Toddlers/Young Children:

  • Indoor Tennis: Tape plastic spoons on the back of paper plates for rackets, blow up a balloon and go nuts!

  • Sock Bowling: Set up paper or plastic cups like bowling pins, and roll a balled up pair of socks for the ball, or set the cups up in a pyramid on the kitchen table and toss the socks at them like a carnival game.  

  • Indoor Hopscotch: Use masking tape or painters tape to “draw” a hopscotch court, use a leggo, or another small toy as the marker and play as you would outside.

  • Paint the Snow: If you do decide to brave the cold and go play in the snow, why not add some color? Mix water and food coloring in a plastic squirt bottle and use the snow’s white backdrop to draw pictures, play tic-tac-toe, etc… 


Older Kids:

  • Paper Airplane Race: Use masking tape or painters tape to mark out a course using any unit of measure you want (inches, feet, the dog!). Have your older kids make their best paper airplanes and take turns flying them over the course to see whose plane can travel the farthest.

  • Snow Cream: The most basic recipe involves sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract, but there are many variations available on the internet, and it's a perfect no heat recipe that requires minimal supervision, allowing your growing kids to feel autonomous in the kitchen.

  • Indoor “Snowball” Fight: Balled up socks, crumpled notebook paper, or if you're feeling really adventurous, marshmallows. They can pick teams, assign points, establish “safe” zones - and keep the game going well into the next snow day!

  • Three Words: EPIC PILLOW FORT!  



  • Do Homework: I know this seems like the opposite of a fun snow day activity, but just because you’re not in school doesn’t mean you don’t have assignments due. If you don’t have anywhere else to go, why not knock them out first thing? You’ll have the rest of your impromptu vacation to relax and you’ll have bragging rights over your friends!

  • Teach Yourself a New Skill: If you still have power and can access the internet, don’t fall down a social media rabbit hole, instead look up fun tutorials on something you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t have the time to. Knitting, sewing, playing the guitar, baking?

  • Help Out Your Younger Siblings: If you have a little brother or sister, help them complete an activity or play a game with them. You’ll make their day and, bonus points, you get to feel like a kid again.

  • Connect With Your Parents: Gasp! Ask your parents what their favorite movie or album was when they were your age and actually watch/listen to it. You get to experience something new and It's a fun way to get a little insight into what your parents were like as a kid. Plus, you’ll always be able to blast them on their awesome fashion choices!



  • Nap: Now that you have the kids occupied you have time on your hands, use it catch up on those much needed Zzzz’s!

  • Read: Take the chance to finally finish that book that’s been sitting neglected on your nightstand.

  • Tackle a Cleaning Project: Been meaning to clean out that closet? Rearrange the guest room? Organize the tupperware? Now is the time. Not only do you have the extra time to get the job done,  you have a captive audience in case you need an extra set of hands.

  • Grown-Up Snow Cream: When your younger kiddos are making ice cream from the snow, why not join in on the fun - add chocolate or caramel syrup, a splash of milk and a shot of strong coffee and make yourself a Starbucks worthy Snow-puccino! Want a really grown-up option? Add sour mix and a shot of tequila for a frozen Snow-garita!


  • Board Games: A good old fashioned stand by, but always a good time. If Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit isn’t your thing, try a performance based game like Guesstures or Cranium, or even just charades, this lets younger family members team up with older members to feel like they're part of the action too.

  • Spooky Hide and Seek: Turn off all the lights and get out the flashlights, team up with younger members and hide in the dark - a really good option to distract you if you have a power outage!

  • Read a Story: Grab a family friendly novel and take turns reading it out loud, bonus points if you can “do” the voices. This is a great time to introduce the classics to younger family members, and it also engages and encourages newer readers in the family.

  • Make a Story: An alternative to reading a book out loud is to make up a story together. One person starts out with 6-10 words (Once upon a time there was a… - or - In a Galaxy far, far away…) and play continues round robin style, with everyone adding to the narrative a few words at a time. This usually make for a very fun and silly story!


Have fun, be safe, stay warm… and try to make the most of your snow day!