Know Your Construction


In this phase, the land is prepared to build a home.

  • 1. The lot is cleared including trees and root material.

  • 2. Fill dirt is delivered to prepare the space for the house and the septic system.

  • 3. The lot is leveled and the septic is installed.

  • 4. Building permit is submitted. Application can take 3-6 weeks for permit to be issued.

  • 5. Surveyor stakes off corners where the house will be built.

In this phase, the base of the home is created.

  • 1. Temporary source of power and water is installed for trade contractors.

  • 2. Under slab plumbing is installed and the site is prepared and inspected.

  • 3. The box foundation is staked out.

  • 4. Slab is finally poured creating the foundation.

In this phase, the exterior & interior walls of the home are built.

  • 1. The trusses (triangular supports within the roof) and lumber are delivered.

  • 2. Framer installs walls to provide structure to the ceiling and I-joists to support the floors if it is a two story home.

  • 3. The walls of the home are treated with a Bora-Care termite treatment to protect against termites.

  • 4. The house is wrapped in a special material as a barrier between plywood and siding.

  • 5. The windows, doors and siding are installed.

In this phase, the utility systems go to work inside the home.

  • 1. Plumber installs drain pipes, running water lines, and both tubs and showers.

  • 2. HVAC begins work on air conditioning and heat ducts.

  • 3. Roofer begins to lay down shingles on roof.

  • 4. Electricians arrive to install the wiring throughout the house.

  • 5. Taexx Pest tubes installed for future pest defense.

In this phase, insulation is installed to keep the weather and noise out!

  • 1. Walls are insulated.

  • 2. Insulation on exterior walls installed and inspected by county.

  • 3. Drywall is delivered and hung. This is the material that makes up the walls and ceilings of the home./p>

  • 4. The drywall surface is sanded and primed for painting.

In this phase, cabinets, trim, floor and fireplace are installed.

  • 1. Cabinets are delivered and installed. The measurements are taken for custom cut countertops.

  • 2. The fireplace, kitchen & bathroom flooring, and trim (baseboards, doors, and crown molding) are installed.

  • 3. The garage door is installed and the sidewalk, driveway, and patio concrete is poured.

In this phase, all utility systems are finished up!

  • 1. Electrical trim-out includes: lights switches, covers, fixtures, and smoke detectors.

  • 2. Plumbing trim-out includes: faucets, toilets, and water heater.

  • 3. Shelving, mirrors, vent covers, gutters, flooring and attic insulation installed.

  • 4. Landscaper plants something magical!

  • 5. County Inspector tests electrical systems and completes blower test to check that the home is airtight and energy efficient.

Welcome to the finish line!

  • 1. Shoe mold to connect baseboard and floor is installed.

  • 2. Drywall & paint touch-up.

  • 3. Final clean!