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American Homesmith knows that purchasing a home is a big decision, and one of the things we strive to do is make that decision as easy as possible for you. One way we do that is through our comprehensive home warranty. We’ve partnered with RWC Builder Warranty— a trusted name in the home warranty market — to offer not only a home warranty but peace of mind. Each home purchased with American Homesmith comes with our One Year Builders Warranty as well as a 6 Year Structural Warranty.

If you have a question about a Warranty Claim during the first 12 months of your home purchase please refer to the instructions you were provided at closing for accessing Builder Trend.

After your 1st anniversary if you have a structural item that needs to be addressed please refer to the Warranty Booklet you received on your initial walk-through.


Important Warranty Information

Some of the most common items NOT COVERED by warranty include, but are not limited to, the following: : 

(*Please check your Warranty Booklet for full list of exclusions)

Landscaping:  Correcting erosion and drainage issues that do not impact the actual foundation of the house is a homeowner responsibility. Grass, sod, trees, shrubs, etc. are excluded from warranty unless identified as compromised prior to closing.  Germination of grass seed is not guaranteed.  Standing water should be expected up to 72 hours after a heavy rain.

Concrete:  Expansion cracks are caused by contraction and expansion due to changing weather conditions.  They are normal, cosmetic in nature and do not affect the integrity of the concrete. During the first year, if a crack exceeds the allowable tolerance of ¼ inch in width or vertical displacement, Builder will repair by surface patching but is not responsible for variation in color.

Squeaky floor/stairs:  A squeak-proof floor cannot be guaranteed.  During the first year, Builder will correct only if the cause is determined to be an underlying construction defect.

Scratches/Chips/Cracks/Discoloration:  Surface damage to bath or kitchen countertops, tile or LVP/Laminate flooring, fiberglass tub/shower and cabinets(including doors, drawers and hardware) will not be repaired unless damage is noted prior to closing.

Separation of baseboard or crown molding from wall and ceiling /Separation of trim joints:  All trim expands and contracts as a result of humidity and use of heat and A/C.  Separation of baseboard from wall or visible joints in crown molding and trim is cosmetic and not a sign of structural defect.

Caulk / Grout: Caulk that joins Kitchen and Bath countertops to walls or cabinets will crack and separate.   Grout that joins tile to a fiberglass tub or shower will crack and separate.  Caulk that joins countertops to backsplash will crack and separate.   Shrinking and cracking of caulk and grout is  inevitable and could allow water intrusion, especially at a shower or tub.   Re-caulking these areas should be done on a regular basis over the life of the home and is an owner’s responsibility.

Plumbing: Clogged toilets and drains are excluded from warranty.  Frozen pipes, exterior spigots and irrigation valves are also excluded, therefore it is very important to Winterize every year.  *Instructions for Winterizing the irrigation system are provided in the warranty section of this notebook.

Gutters:  It is normal for gutters to overflow during a heavy downpour.   In areas where there are no gutters rainwater can cause erosion over time.  Homeowner is responsible for monitoring these areas and correcting erosion as needed.

Appliances: All appliances are covered by manufacturer warranty from date of settlement

Low E Reflection:  Under very rare conditions, Low E windows on a neighboring property can cause damage to vinyl siding.   Damage to vinyl siding caused by reflection from Low E window on neighboring property is excluded from warranty and should be addressed directly with the neighbor.

Drywall:  Nail-pops and/or seams that appear from settling of your home are normal, cosmetic in nature and not a sign of structural defect.

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