American Homesmith knows that purchasing a home is a big decision, and one of the things we strive to do is make that decision as easy as possible for you. One way we do that is through our comprehensive home warranty. We’ve partnered with Centricity — a trusted name in the home warranty market — to offer not only a home warranty but peace of mind. Each home purchased with American Homesmith comes with our One Year Builders Warranty as well as the Bonded Builders 10 Year Structural Warranty.


If you have a question about a Warranty Claim during the first 12 months of your home purchase please call the number below, or fill out this claim form and an American Homesmith representative will contact you directly.


After your 1st anniversary if you have a structural item that needs to be addressed please refer to the Warranty Booklet you received on your initial walk-through, you can also locate a copy of the booklet from this page.

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Some of the most common items that are NOT covered by the Warranty include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Erosion or drainage deficiencies that do not affect the structural integrity of the home. Erosion around fencing or out-buildings is an Owner responsibility.

  • Any and all landscaping, If sod or shrubs are dead at time of closing Builder will replace. After closing it is Owner’s responsibility to water and keep them alive.

  • Germination of grass seed. A Builder mix of seed is used in hopes of stabilizing the soil quickly, however, erosion control is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Random cracks in concrete porches, patios, sidewalks or driveway. Shrinkage due to dehydration of concrete is normal and may cause cracks.

  • Cracks in garage floor that do not exceed 1⁄4 inch in width or vertical displacement, which creates an uneven surface. In cases where cracks exceed the standard tolerance during the first year, Builder will repair by surface patching but is not responsible for color variation.

  • Squeaky floor/stairs. Builder will correct during first year only if caused by an underlying construction defect. A squeak-proof floor cannot be guaranteed.

  • Chips or cracks in tile, granite, marble or fiberglass unless noted prior to closing.

  • Separation of baseboard or molding from wall/ceiling or separation of joints in this trim. Caulking is an on-going Owner responsibility.

  • Separation of kitchen or bath countertop from wall. Caulking is an on-going Owner responsibility.

  • Separation of grout from fiberglass surface of tub or shower. Tile flooring or tile surrounding a garden tub is grouted during installation, but as time passes (possibly only a few weeks) it will shrink and separate from non-tile surfaces due to dehydration. These areas should then be caulked and caulking is an on-going Owner responsibility.

  • Overflow of gutters. If this occurs every time it rains Builder will address, but most gutters overflow during a heavy downpour.

  • Sheet rock repairs from nail pops will be addressed at the 1 year anniversary. At this time, Builder will also do paint touch ups, assuming Owner has NOT changed paint color since closing.

If you have any other questions or concerns that are not listed here, please contact our warranty team as soon as possible.